The plant of Billboard
  The 男男吹潮视频chinese_欧美videossexohd潮喷_免费吹潮视频国产 is one of the reputed and well-established manufacturing plant in Foshan -
Guangdong, China since 1994.

The plant is managed and developed in ISO 9001 system, while making rapid progress in Marine Field ( mainly in shipbuilding and offshore section ) has branched out into diversified operations.

The Company is concern with complimentary operations in the Marine Industry since the establishment in 1994. With growing experience, the company slowly but steadily recognized itself on the threshold to a confident future.

A Brief Outline Of Current Activities
  This short intensive profile mainly describes the varied but integrated and compatible activities of our Company which consists of
the following autonomous establishments.

The Production Plant is China - Planck Engineering Co. Ltd, which mainly performs steel fabrication and machine processing. Our plant had been Class approved for welding up to 150 mm thickness steel plate. Most of the products comply to International Standard with authorized quality certificate such as ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, German Lloyds, Lloyds, and NKK etc. The plants are well-equipped with various machine tools, lathes and press processing machine. Our modern manufacturing facility house is furnished with latest equipment for Turning, Boring, Drilling, Spinning and Heat Treatment. For details, please refer to the enclosed Plant Description and Plant Equipment List after this section.

  1. Anchor -
Ultimate Holding Capacity Anchor for Offshore : MODU, SPM, FPSO, FSO, BBI-ST Embedment Anchor, BBI-Delta Anchor, BBI-TW Anchor, BBI-N Anchor, BBI Sung Towing Anchor, Chain Chaser and Tensioner.
  2. Anchor Chain and Shackle -
Grade 2 , 3, ORQ, KS, and RQ4.
  3. Mooring Buoy and SPM -
Mooring Buoy, SPM, Light Buoy: Size 2.5M to 12M, all fill with Close Cell Form by Injection.
  4. Heavy Lifting Equipment -
Block, Hook, Derrick and Crane : From 1 Ton to 1200 Tons SWL.
  5. Deck Mooring Equipment -
Chain Stopper, Smit Bracket, Fairlead, Chock, Fairlead Roller, Anchor Fairleader and Bollards, etc....
  6. Towing -
Emergency Towing System (with Type Approval by Class), Towing Pennant, Quick Release Hook and FPSO Hawser Hook.
  7. Winch and Windlass -
Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Drive up to 150 Tons Line Pull.
  8. Rigging -
Hook, Thimble, Turnbuckle, Shackle, Chain, Sheave and Block etc.
  9. Hydraulic Equipment - Hydraulic Power Unit for Crane, Winch, Windlass and Control.
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