Deck Mooring Equipment
  Mooring Equipment
Mooring Fitting Arrangement for 200K DWT Tanker
Mooring Fitting Arrangement for 350K DWT Tanker
Anchor Fairleader A-38
Anchor Fairleader A-39
Anchor Fairleader A-40
Anchor Chain Fairleader
Crossover Fairlead F34
Deck Sheave Fairlead BD-24
Deck Sheave Fairlead BD-46
Deck Bollard JIS F-2001
Deck Bollard DB-138
Deck Bollard DB-28
Deck Bollard - Cruciform JIS F-2804
Fairleads - Closed Chock JIS F-2005
Fairleads - Mooring Pipe JIS F-2007 Type A
Fairleads - Mooring Pipe JIS F-2007 Type B
Fairleads - Triangle Towing Chock
Fairleads - Single Point Mooring Pipe JIS F-2030 Type A
Fairleads - Chock JIS F-2017 Type AC
Fairleads - Chock JIS F-2017 Type BC
Fairleads - Towing Chock EU Type Bulwark Mounted
Fairleads - Towing Chock EU Type Deck Mounted
Fairleads - Towing Chock TW Type Bulwark Mounted
Fairleads - Towing Chock TW Type Deck Mounted
Fairleads - Chock DIN 81915 Type A
Fairleads - Chock DIN 81915 Type C
Fairleads - Open Chock JIS F-2006 Type SC
Fairleads - Open Chock JIS F-2006 Type FC
Fairlead Roller in Group
Fairlead Roller - JIS F-2014
Fairlead Roller - EU Type
Warping Roller - DIN 81906-8
Horizontal Fairlead Roller - JIS F-2026 Type A
Horizontal Fairlead Roller - JIS F-2026 Type BR
Universal Fairlead Roller - Type FA4
Universal Fairlead Roller - Type FA6
Universal Fairlead Roller - Type FB7
Universal Fairlead Roller - Type FB10
Deck End Roller - JIS F-2020
Chain Cable Stopper - JIS F-2002
Chain Cable Stopper - JIS F-2015
Chain Cable Stopper - JIS F-2031
Chain Cable Stopper - JIS F-2032
Chain Cable Stopper - Dual Pawl Type
Chain Cable Stopper - MD Type
Chain Cable Stopper - OCIMF Type
Chain Cable Stopper - Roller Type
Chain Cable Stopper - Right Angle Type
Chain Cable Stopper - Screw Type
Emergency Towing System - After Ship
Emergency Towing System - Forward Ship
Escort / Pull Back Towing Fitting (OCIMF)
Towing Bracket
Carpenter Wire Rope Stopper - RS Type
Carpenter Wire Rope Stopper - RS-L Type
Chain Bridles for Carpenter Stopper

  Anchor and Mooring Chain
  Dimensions of Stud Link Chain
Anchor Lines
Comparison of Anchoring Requirements
Anchor Chain - Proof and Breaking Load
Chain Equipment Table
Weight of Chain Link and Shackle
Standard Chain Cable Arrangement for Ships
Buoy Shackle
Devil's Claw Chain Stopper
Pelican Hook Chain Stopper
Anchor Types
Limit Burial Depth of Anchor (Penetration)
Hall Anchor
AC14 Anchor
Danforth Anchor
BBI-N Anchor
BBI-TW Anchor
BBI-Delta Anchor
BBI-Snug Stowing Anchor
BBI-SV Anchor
BBI-ST Embedment Anchor
BBI-SK Emedment Anchor
Proof Load Test for Anchor
Chain Chaser
J Chain Chaser BBE-101
Chain Grapnel BBE-109
Permanent Chain Chaser BBE-110
J Lock Chaser BBE-115
Permanent Wire Chaser BBE-210
Permanent Ring Chaser BBE-218
Chain Cable Tensioner
Deployment and Recovery of Anchor
Anchoring of Floating Structures

  Rope Fitting
  Pear Shaped Anchor Pennant Socket
Wire Rope Spelter Socket - Open Type
Wire Rope Spelter Socket - Closed Type
Mooring Link
Mandal Fairlead Shackle
Synthetic Rope Thimble
Hawser Thimble - HK Type
SPM Hawser Thimble
SPM Tubular Thimble
Hinge Link

  Harbor Equipment
  Dockside Bollard - BR Type
Dockside Bollard - BT Type
Dockside Bollard - DJ Type
Dockside Bollard - DT Type
Staghorn Bollard - SH Type

  Air Vent Head
  Air Vent Head - Model : B-36
Air Vent Head - Model : B-38

  Deck Machinery for Marine & Industrial Applications
  Electric Deck Machinery
Control and Cabling System
Winch Arrangement
Windlass Arrangement
Mooring Winch - Single Drum - Hydraulic Drive
Mooring Winch - Double Drum - Hydraulic Drive
Windlass - WDGE
Windlass - WDEG
Winch and Windlass Part Number Arrangement
Features for Inverter Drive Winch System
Air Winch

  Quick Release Hook
  Quick Release Hook BQ-T
Towing Hook DT-26
Towing Hook - Parts
Towing Hook - Control

  Offshore Mooring System
  Tandem Mooring System for FPSO / FSO

  Mooring Buoy
  Cylindrical Buoy - BC-1
Anchor Pendant Buoy - Donut Modular Type
Anchor Pendant Buoy - Cylindrical Type
Marker Buoy - BBC

  Hawser Pipe Watertight Device

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