Deck Machinery for Marine & Industrial Applications
Electric Deck Machinery
BillBoard Engineering Co., Ltd. outstanding experts in design and manufacture of marine mooring equipment.

- All winches are available with either electrical or hydraulic drive.
- Winches can be supplied pre-assembled on a base or with fitting accessories for instance a bolt/bracket connection.
- Reduces the assembly time dramatically.
- Later service or replacement will be much easier.

Combined Anchor / Mooring Winches
- Designed for anchor chain dia. from 16mm to 122mm.
- Manual or remote in automatic system with frequency inverter and electronic load sensing in mooring operation.
- Compact design with integrated cable lifter, deck-space saving and quick installation.
- Fully sealed gearbox with gearwheels are oil-bathed with virtually no requirement for maintenance.
- Control stand with plug and socket cable fro quick connection. IP56 for marine
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