Anchor and Mooring Chain
Deployment and Recovery of Anchor
Deployment of Anchor :
The anchor must be placed on the seabed with the shank pointing upwards and in the direction of the structure to be anchored. The main line is kept taut as the anchor is lowered, by the pennant wire which is hauled in by the supply vessel. The winch of the structure to be anchored must also be hauled in gently to ensure that the anchor remains directly below the supply vessel.

Line Pretension - Precautions before Line Pretension:
After the anchors are set, the lines must be tightened for alignment. During the pretension phase, the anchors trip, penetrate, and may begin their burial. The line lengths to be hauled in measure a few tens of metres. If the length to be hauled in is too long (more than 50 or 100 m), it is necessary to raise the line and to check whether fouling by the flukes or a defect in the anchor is preventing the anchor from operating normally.

Recovery of Anchoring Systems :
- Recovery by Pennant Wire
The anchor is normally recovered by the supply vessel which applies a pulling force to the pennant wire.
- By Chaser
For this purpose, the chaser is placed on the line before the installation of the anchoring system. The chaser slides along the line, hooks around the shank, and pushes against the crown. The anchor is pull out backwards.
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