Anchor and Mooring Chain
BBI-SK Emedment Anchor
BBI-SK Emedment Anchor - U.H.C.


1. Advance Design to reach the Ultimate Holding Capacity.
2. Deep Penetration with plough shaped shank, streamlining design means less resistance to penetration and retrieval.
3. Single Wide-area Fluke, fixed Twin Shank with cutter-toothed egde for better penetration in hard soils sea bed.
4. Hollow Anchor Fluke can be filled with ballast weight upto 30% of the particular weight.
5. Extremely rugged weld-fabricated.
6. High point loads on fluke points, bucket teeth for special condition.
7. Recommended in stiff clays, heterogeneous soil and sand.
8. For Temporary or Permanent Mooring.
9. Adjustable Fluke/Shank angle in 2 positions:
32° : For sand, stiff clay, hard bottom soil.
41° : For medium clay, loose or medium dense.
10. Weight upon to 40,000 kgs with Class Certificate.
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