Design and Consultation of Mooring System
  1. Provide design, consultation and installation of mooring system on board, positioning and retrieval of anchor system.
2. Supply and installation of deck equipment on board with design, strength calculation and class approval.
  Key Benefits:

Fast, Accuracy, and Trailer Fit for your own need.
Safety is ensured with Class Approval.

Load Test Services
  Two Horizontal Test Bed to provide proof load testing of rigging appliances and gear with certification by all major classification society.
Test Bed:
1. 2000 kN X 3M stroke (20M Long)
2. 5000 kN X 1.5M stroke pull in all direction 30 to 90 degree downward
  Key Benefits:

Great Flexibility for different type of proof load test (30 to 90 degree downward from horizontal).
The Simplest way to test the equipment strength.

  The following equipment can be tested:
- Block, Sheave
- Hook
- Shackle, Rope Socket
- Wire Rope and Synthetic Rope
- Web Slings
- Derrick
- Anchor and Chain
- Fairleader, Roller, Chock
- Towing Equipment
- Bollard
- Stopper, Bracket
- Winch, Capstan
- Quick Release Hook
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